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Iso 14617 Pdf




When it is used to specify the diagrams,. The codes used for the pictograms are specified by ISO SC 7966. This part of ISO 14617 specifies lists of pictograms that could be used for various control symbols. Although it uses a different numbering system for the pictograms, ISO 14577 and the ISO-711 standard use them in the same way. Notation In the ISO standards, an ordered pair of two-character alphabetic abbreviations represent a value, and a comma, usually a full stop (period) is used to separate the value from its unit. Generally, in a control system, a letter is used as a character for a control, and a number is used for its unit. For example, in the IEC 60950 document series, a numeric value is prefixed to the value, such as, the unit is "amps" and a range check is., the unit is "percent". Alphanumeric abbreviations, when used in ISO standards, have the following meaning: The integer part of a number can be omitted if the decimal places are not important, as in, and, the unit is "pairs", but, the unit is "mm". The integer part of a number that is written with letters must be enclosed in parentheses, as in, and. Units and values A pair of alphabetic characters, usually separated by a comma, is a unit symbol. The first character represents the unit in a hierarchy of units, while the second character represents the attribute, quantity or status of the unit. The character represents a single unit symbol, while represents a pair. The only exceptions are the following: is used for a pair of alphabetic characters that does not specify a unit. For example, an address could be denoted with a pair of letters, but with no unit attached. ,, and represent common unit symbols used to describe time, electrical current, mechanical forces and torque, respectively. For example, a symbol is used to denote that a current is flowing through a coil. and have a similar use. The values of a parameter represented by two alphabetic characters can be grouped with a parenthesis so that the entire group is considered as a single unit symbol. For example, a group of three degrees (°) may be represented by the alphabetic characters, and (



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Iso 14617 Pdf

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